It might seem a little bit bizarre to suggest that lighting a candle can directly impact your health and wellbeing, but its natural aromatherapy properties can really enhance your mood, help you to clear your mind and encourage you to relax.

How does it work? Your candle is made with a blend of pure essential oils. These oils are extracted from plants, and their individual properties are known to have various medicinal and emotional benefits on our body and mind when they are inhaled, absorbed or ingested. When you light your candle, you are releasing its aroma and its therapeutic properties into your space, where it can be breathed in and absorbed into the blood stream. Once in your system, the oils can aid a variety of symptoms and promote relaxation.

Essential oils can harness some of the same healing properties as modern medicine, but in a natural and unmanufactured way. These days, chemical compounds used in medicine are made and synthesized in a lab, but originally, people used the naturally occurring compounds in plants as medicine. Plants would be used to make teas or tinctures, and offered as a herbal remedy for all sorts of ailments. As technology developed, medicine began looking less and less like it’s botanical origin, until it became those little pills we know today.

In a world full of harmful chemicals and toxins, more and more people are looking back to these natural approaches to support their health, and essential oils are being integrated into peoples everyday lives as a natural alternative to chemical laden products.

How do I use my candle? To enhance the natural properties of your candle further, you can enjoy it as part of a healthy ritual. A ritual can be anything from a bedtime routine, to a long bubble bath or taking time out with a cup of tea and a magazine. It’s a deliberate activity or routine that encourages you to take some time to be mindful, to relax or even to prepare yourself for a particular event. Amidst our busy lives, these rituals can help us to find some inner peace amongst the mayhem.

Teaming your candle with a ritual will help you to maximize on its benefits, by taking a more holistic approach. There are many simple things we can do to encourage better health, like drink more water, eat more vegetables, or meditate more often, and whilst they all have their own wonderful benefits, it’s a no brainer that when all these things are done in combination, they promote better overall health. This is a holistic approach; looking at your health and body from various angles, and understanding that all our functions work together and support each other. A ritual doesn’t have to be as obvious as meditating in silence for 15 minutes, it could be listening to your favourite song whilst you get ready for work, or it could even be doing the washing up after dinner. What makes it a ritual is that it’s something that you routinely do, to help you unwind, de-stress or mentally prepare yourself. You might have a few rituals that you subconsciously carry out on a daily basis, that help you cope with the everyday stressors you face. What do you do to help yourself relax? Can you enhance this activity further?

By adding your aromatherapy candle into your ritual or activity, you are introducing another dimension to support your health and wellbeing.

Why not try burning your candle whilst you:

• Take a relaxing bubble bath
• Enjoy a meal with friends or family
• Take part in a yoga session
• Read a book or magazine
• Get ready for work or for a night out
• Get ready for bed