DIY Natural Daily Shower Spray with Essential Oils

In addition to trying to cut down on the amount of plastic in our home, I’ve also been looking to reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals too. Not surprisingly, the cupboard under the sink harbours some of the worst culprits. Good news is it’s quick and easy to make your own totally natural and chemical free cleaners that work great and smell great too. 

There’s so many cleaning products that I grew up with as household staples, that I naturally went on to use these too, without considering the ingredients or the warning labels. A few years ago however, with the likes of Ecover and Method appearing, I made the switch to more eco friendly brands in my home, and I felt pretty good about this. But since I’ve been paying more attention to packaging, and reducing our household waste, I have naturally come to favour refillable solutions and DIY’s and have re-evaluted our cupboard under the sink pnce again and realised we can do a lot better. A quick search on Pinterest will soon reveal all manner of recipes for totally natural cleaning solutions, using some pretty standard ingredients such as vinegar, baking powder and citrus fruits. So being the hands on and crafty type, I decided to give it a go. Not the crafty type? Doesn’t matter, this recipe is so quick and easy anyone can make it!


Our daily shower spray ran out the other day, so this seemed liked a great place to start. A daily spritz helps to prevent mildew and soap build up, and ultimately saves time scrubbing.( I love a clean home but I don’t want to spend all day cleaning it!) This recipe is chemical free and smells fresh and invigorating! And bonus, next time you switch on the hot shower the oils create a lovely steam.


You will need:

Vodka (Just the cheap stuff!)

Distilled water (Boiled water left to cool)

Tea tree/Peppermint/Eucalyptus essential oil

Spray Bottle

Measuring jug



This recipe uses 1 part vodka, to 2 parts water. Depending on the size of your bottle will determine how much you’ll need. Since I had an empty bottle to hand, I am reusing our old bottle which holds 750ml, so 250ml vodka and 500ml water.  I used 30 drops of essential oil, which you will also want to adjust accordingly (a little goes a long way).



Simply add the measured out ingredients to your bottle and give a good shake before use!

Spray your shower after use, no need to rinse.


Top tips:

If like me you decide to re-use a bottle, then Lemon essential oil is great at removing the sticky residue left from old labels. Serious time saver!

Glass bottles are best for essential oils, but if you have an empty plastic bottle to hand, reusing it makes sense!

You can use a blend of all the listed oils, or you can use just one or two depending on your preference. I went for peppermint and tea tree this time.

If you’re making several DIY cleaners, don’t forget to label your bottles to keep track! I love my dymo label maker!