Scentscaping Wedding Service

The Art and Magic of Scenting your venue

Add an extra dimension to your special day by using a carefully curated blend of scents that compliment and enhance the mood and design of your wedding. The Little White Cow and North East Chandlery have joined forces to offer you this enchanting service.

Our aromatherapy scenting service can enrichen your sensory experience, increase the impact of your decor choices and create a beautiful and unique keepsake to remember your wedding day in years to come.

With a combination of our diffusers and candles and our carefully selected blends of pure essential oils, you can guide your guests on a sensory experience throughout the day. Essential oils contain naturally therapeutic properties, and their aromas can evoke fond memories, calm nerves, uplift your guests mood and set the tone of your celebrations.

The Little White Cow is a prop and style company that helps you to bring your wedding venue to life. They search for & hire out beautiful props, interesting pieces & finishing touches to help make DIY venues feel less naked. They can also put it all together for you, making your vision come to life.

“We know, from our own experience, that they {DIY venues} can feel a bit naked and the task of transforming them can be a bit daunting. Let us help. Choose from our ever growing collection of props and finishing touches.”

We have teamed up with The Little White Cow to offer you a unique scenting service that combines all of our knowledge and passion about curating a beautiful venue, to help you achieve a day that looks good, feels good and smells good.

To scent your day, you can choose from our menu of essential oil blends, which have been carefully designed with the emotions and atmosphere of weddings in mind, or you can design your own blend with our bespoke service. We use ultrasonic aroma diffusers in combination with handmade aromatherapy candles to scent your venue.

Our essential oils are organic and wild crafted, and are sourced from a local Scottish supplier, to ensure they are the highest quality, purest, most effective and most ethically produced oils that we can find. They have been carefully blended with both their aroma and natural properties in mind, to create delightful and effective fragrances.

Our diffusers are beautiful and elegant in design, and subtly blend in to your decor to allow the aroma to work its magic. The diffuser’s vaporise water and the added essential oils to produce a fragrant mist that scents your whole venue.

Our candles are made from completely natural and sustainable ingredients, and can be customised to commemorate your special day. The candles add an ambient glow along with an extra dose of your chosen scent.



Step One:

Pick your blend(s) from our scent collection, or design your own with our Bespoke Service

Step Two:

Add your candles; choose from centrepiece candle jars or tea lights for your tables


Step Three:

Add your extras; customised keepsake candles or gifts for the Wedding Party

Fancy designing your own Signature Scent?

Then our bespoke service is for you. Work with us to create your own blend of essential oils, tailored to your scent preferences. Capture precious memories with fond smells, or simply let your nose guide you. We will help you to create a scent that is unique to you and your day. We can even add it to candles – light these at your wedding, give as gifts to the wedding party, or keep one to remember your day!

Creating the Perfect blend

Fragrances fall into scent ‘families’, which can help you when you’re designing your own blend. Scents from within the same family tend to blend well with eachother, as well as with their neighboring families, which can be seen in the Fragrance Wheel below. This guide can help you when choosing your scents. We’ll also help you think about the ‘accords’ of your fragrance choices – that’s whether the scent is a top note, a middle note or a base note, so you can create a well balanced blend.

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For more information about The Little White Cow and their Prop and Hire Service, please visit their website